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Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) v1909 – Untouched torrent télécharger

Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) v1909 - Untouched
Trusted torrent

Vérifiez toujours la dernière version du fichier ISO Windows dans #

Windwos 10 Professional x64 / Version anglaise (EN-US) / ON

Version du système d’exploitation: 1909 / Version du système d’exploitation:

Le code: 19H2

Ce fichier ISO peut être démarré pour UEFI ou Legacy Boot

Avant l’installation, lisez le “Fichier d’installation” contenu dans ce torrent.

Windows 10 Professionnel est conçu pour les petites et moyennes entreprises, permet

organisations pour gérer leurs appareils et applications, protéger leurs données professionnelles

faciliter les scénarios mobiles et distants, ainsi que tirer parti du cloud

technologie pour leurs organisations. En plus des petites et moyennes

Les appareils Windows 10 Pro seraient un bon choix pour les organisations

soutenir les programmes CYOD.

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  • Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) v1909 – Untouched télécharger torrent


Google Earth Browneyes download free torrent

Google Earth
Trusted torrent

Discover the world and beyond! Google Earth is a unique learning and educational tool that focuses on geographical areas of and out of the world. Allows you to view planets from different angles, thanks to a combination of aerial photography, satellite imagery, and the popular Google Maps link. With its powerful search engine, intuitive interface, and richness of images and database information, Google Earth is the best way to discover everything on our planet. In addition, you can explore the moon, the sky, and even Mars. You can also download Google Earth for Mac, iOS, Linux and learning and search services! (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Google Earth is one of the most popular tools for planetary exploration. Unlike competing platforms like Search Map and OpenStreetMap, when you download Google Earth for PC, you can take a regular tour through anywhere in the world. In fact, it gives you interactive screens, lots of information and more that you want to explore a specific place, or you just need to spend time reading the amazing wonders of the world. Google Earth for Windows is a free download of the best tools for exploring and learning. In recent times, nursing has contributed to the discovery of a number of unknown landmarks in the world, with the prospect of further exploration. With a unique multi-layer view, the Google Earth app can be considered as an interactive 3D atlas. Using your computer’s large screen makes it possible to explore the narrow corners of the universe. From national parks and cemeteries to cities and rural districts, everything in the world is just a few. In fact, Google Earth also lets you go underwater to explore the oceans, and if you want to go beyond our original planet, it’s possible to explore images of Mars and the Moon. You can even wander around among the stars, which is a great choice for astrologers. Since Google uses satellites worldwide, you can use GPS coordinates or even addresses to determine specific locations above. Google focuses on multilayer views, which contain information on different parts of the world. This includes borders, 3D buildings, roads, weather, photos, trees, and more. If you are interested in sharing information, you can easily add content to the forum interface, as well as photos of places you have visited on Earth. Maps uses the Google Maps Street View service and integrates it with a platform image engine. Thus, you can move around freely in the world’s largest cities and popular destinations. In addition, Google gives you the ability to add scores, create routes, measure distances, save images, and even use a moving simulator with the mouse. Unlike competitors, Google Earth has an intuitive interface that is valid for all products of a major information technology company. Exploring the universe, you can make good use of your mouse or buttons on the screen to rotate your views, pull and travel around planet Earth without difficulty. You can also use StreetView to enjoy a real tour of any city or destination to make the most of Street View, drag the icon representing the little person on the blue road, and show that it is available for walking. Navigation is smooth and efficient and feels comfortable with a computer mouse. There is a menu on the left side of the screen with the search function and other options to change the image engine. Free download of Google Earth is of course a unique exploration tooland looking at planet Earth and the surrounding area. With an attractive photo engine, you can visit all the places in the world in detail. The only requirement is a good internet connection. While Google shows local content, which restricts usage in certain areas, the suggested format and content modules are updated in the normal world, but it is a simple app that takes you around the world without ever leaving. from your home. Although Google Earth is one of the most popular platforms in this unit, you can also check out NASA’s Wind World, which uses a similar model. As the name implies, the program is backed by a large space agent and has therefore become very popular with NASA World Wind PCs, you can rotate the real fluid and point your finger randomly anywhere to determine the next one. a place to explore. Once you click on a place, you can get lost for hours in the fascinating sights of the world. It allows you to understand how different people live in the world and you can explore many images. NASA Earth Wind provides a lot of information about the culture, history and people in the area. That said, the figure looks confusing and there is no comparison to the best Google Earth images, and with Earth you can play around with many different services. In addition, the company continues to update its contents and interface regularly, ensuring that it does not bother or have obsolete color schemes. Since it is completely free, there is no reason to try Google Earth to explore the most complete tools for planetary observations. Google Earth gives you complete pictures of different parts of the world, as well as detailed geographical information on your computer. While you can see exotic destinations like Miami or Paris, it is also possible to roam the streets and see restaurants, schools, hospitals and other places where you download Google Earth, connect multiple map sources, images and the power of Search and Google was used to provide more information. geographically on your toes. Google Earth allows you to explore different neighborhoods, search for restaurants, inspect hotels, and promote almost the entire world. You can view 3D versions of buildings and sites, find directions, and save your favorite search or share content. Of course, the latest version of Google Earth download for desk is the best option.

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  • Google Earth torrent download


Dolby Atmos Premium 2019 for Windows 10 {B4tman} download torrent

Dolby Atmos Premium 2019 for Windows 10 {B4tman}
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On request:

Screenshots: –

Details: –

Dolby Atmos is a popular surround sound format, a competitor to DTS: X, and is found in everything from big commercials to small home movies. The immersion format is also being used as a new way to get music from the Beatles on Ariana Granden’s mobile phones and speakers. Although the biggest change from previous formats is the addition of tweeters, the Atmos tracks work with a traditional five-speaker and subwoofer () or a system with the same number of speakers (if you have one).

Features: –

Dolby Atmos is rethinking your entertainment experience

Moves the sound around you

Instead of restricting the terminals, the sounds can be adjusted and moved in a three-dimensional position.

Adds higher dimensions

A new sense of height dives into this point, creating the perfect sound environment and really showing moving objects.

It creates an amazing sound

With amazing clarity, richness, detail and depth, Dolby Atmos does everything from dialogue to calm curtains and whirlpools.

It creates an interesting entertaining experience

All this is combined with a voice that excites your emotions and inspires your emotions to give the full effect of entertainment

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  • Dolby Atmos Premium 2019 for Windows 10 {B4tman} Torrent


Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched Indir

Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched
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Windows 10 1511’in resmi sürümü (hizmetin 1. sürümü). 32 bit sürüm, İngilizce.


md5 91fad72bb84ee259cdb1772b2ce42375

sha1 5d406d89656f8548fd0f410bd66de59be05b081b

Eğlenin ve lütfen tohumlayın!

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  • Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched torrent


Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x86 Clean ISO torrent

Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x86 Clean ISO
Trusted torrent

Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x86 Clean ISO

Note! This installation file includes Windows 10 Professional and
Windows 10 Home. Review the product keys to determine which one
products are included in your subscription

Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro is designed to enable SMEs
organizations to manage their devices and programs, protect their business data
facilitate remote and mobile scenarios and take advantage of the cloud
technologies for their organizations. And also small and medium
For business devices, Windows 10 Pro will be a great choice for organizations
support for CYOD programs

Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Home is the best Windows 10 experience for general users
It offers a familiar and personal experience combined with new innovations for
do things and have more fun. Among the new features: a brand new web
a browser built to work on the Internet; Windows Hello, which vendors use
warm welcome and convenient login *; and amazing new features for many features
including snapping multiple programs to the screen and creating virtual desktops
for more space

File name: Language: English

Note: this is purely ISO without changes. There is no instigator in Torrent. You can download Activator here

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Clean ISO

Windows 10 Enterprise is based on Windows 10 Pro and adds premium features
designed to meet the needs of large and medium-sized organizations
(including large academic institutions) as an advanced defense
against modern security threats, complete flexibility for the Olympic distribution
update and support options; as well as a comprehensive unit and
management and application management functions

File name: Language: English
SHA1: 30AD1CDF5D0670F12788005131E24862F6AB8AAB

PLEASE NOTE: This is pure ISO without changes. There is no instigator in Torrent. You can download Activator here

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  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro x86 Clean ISO torrent


FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows indir

FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows
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Seed4Me VPN Proxy, 20 saniye veya daha kısa sürede güvenli bir VPN bağlantısı kurmanıza izin veren çok basit bir uygulamadır.

İnternette anonim olarak gezinin, konumunuzu maskeleyin, coğrafi IP adresinin gerçek IP adresinden farklı olduğundan emin olun, böylece kimse sizi izleyemez. Windows, Android, iPhone ve iPad için VPN’ler de genellikle mevcut konumunuzla sınırlı olan sitelerin engelini kaldırır.

İndirdikten sonra VPN’in tarafını seçmeniz yeterlidir, yaklaşık 5 saniye sürecektir.

Seçilebilecek 19+ ülke: ABD, İngiltere, Kanada, Fransa, Rusya, İsviçre (torrent dostu), İsveç (torrent dostu), Belçika, Ukrayna, Bulgaristan, Hollanda, İspanya, Almanya, İtalya, Hindistan, Hong Kong, Singapur, İsrail ve Güney Kore.

Bir bağlantı kurmak için Ayarlar’da arama yapmanız gerekmez, uygulamadaki Bağlan düğmesine dokunmanız yeterlidir.

Otomatik Güvenlik (Talep Üzerine VPN) seçeneği, iOS Uygulama sürümünde mevcuttur. İsteğe bağlı VPN, açık WiFi’deki tüm giden / gelen verilerinizin şifrelenmesini ve güvenli bir VPN kanalı üzerinden iletilmesini sağlar.

Tek abonelik tüm cihazlarınız, telefonlarınız, tabletleriniz ve bilgisayarlarınız için geçerlidir.

Kısaca özellikler:

– Tüm cihazlar için 1 hesap: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle

– 19 VPN konumu

– Reklamsız

– Ücretsiz bir yazılım lisansı projesi sırasında 6 ay boyunca ücretsiz VPN.


– iOS uygulamalarında IPSec 2048-bit

– MAC ve Windows uygulamaları için OpenVPN

– Çeşitli cihazlara manuel kurulum için PPTP / L2TP

– VPN günlük dosyası yok, DPI yok

– Paylaşılan bağlantı günlükleri 7 gün boyunca güvenli bir sunucuda saklanır ve herhangi bir bağlantı sorunu bildirilmezse silinir

Torrentler ve P2P:

– İsviçre ve İsveç’te izin verilir


– Sınırsız bant genişliği

– Uygulamaları kullanırken sınırsız sayıda eşzamanlı bağlantı

– TÜM cihazlar için bir hesap geçerlidir

– Manuel kurulum için 1 L2TP / PPTP bağlantısı, 3 eşzamanlı destek isteği bağlantısına yükseltilebilir (bu ücretsiz bir yükseltmedir)

– Uygulama üzerinden bağlanırken sınırsız hız


– Bilet sistemi, e-posta gönderin veya uygulamadaki destek düğmesine dokunun

– İngilizce, Fransızca, Rusça, Ukraynaca, Çince, Arapça konuşuyoruz

Sistem gereksinimleri:

– İşletim sistemi: Windows 10 / Window 8 / Window / Windows 7 / XP / Vista

– Bellek (Veri deposu): 512 MB

– Sabit disk: 9,98 MB

Kötü amaçlı yazılım taraması:

Algılama oranı: 0/63 -% 100 saf


SHA256: be3c4ca9eef5b0d980f5d2fedc30866dca017510a3f8dd8a2f18d6a9ad903cad

Dosya adı :.

Analiz tarihi: 2017-07-06 20:59:04 UTC


Kurun ve keyfini çıkarın!

Geliştiriciyi destekleyin – resmi yazılımı satın alın!

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  • FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows indir torrent


Need for Speed 32bit-64bit FastDL download

Need for Speed
Trusted torrent

Illegal car racing coming to LANeed for Speed ​​(NFS) is a racing game developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. First launched for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game switches to Microsoft Windows devices a year later via Origin. The 4K NSF PC version has a history and supports manual transfer, new machines, settings and five different game modes. This Need for Speed ​​game was inspired by the first movie “Fast and Furious” and explored the world of illegal street racing in Ventura Bay, also known as the Street for Need for (feature {({review-app-page-desktop ‘);} The Need of speed follows a number of different stories, such as police chases, track races and even wheelchairs, a prerequisite for this NFS game which is an illegal street race in a place where the sun never shines, looks very much like a city layout based on a grid that does that players can finish the race without touching the brakes.While staying outside the car you can meet beautiful people who only talk about driving techniques.With 5 unique ways to win download Need Full Free version lets you build your character and reputation.The more you wins, the better your reputation and thus more sums.For us, the world of night racers, you need to download Need for Speed ​​for PC with forged frame rate and also 4k resolution.Together with new cars, manual transmission and wheel alignment offers the game many customization options. While this game never lets you talk, you’re having a festive time with racing fans talking street snakes and jumping in bars and cafes around its smooth control, as well as delays and adjustments. When you play tie, the tires compress the road and there are no problems when driving. However, there is a disadvantage. Operation leads to a significant reduction in speed and heart rate maintenance becomes difficult. In addition, it seems that you can not overcome the set speed for Speed ​​PC, which gives players five ways to play the game: speed, crew, building, style and image. Along with 79 major events, the game offers side events like donut hunting, finding new details and discovering your journey with visual adjustments. By downloading Need for Speed ​​for PC, you get two customization options, performance and visual effects. To stay ahead of the race, you can upgrade your car with amplifiers designed to increase speed, maintain speed and overall impact, you can change the look of your car by adding exterior panels, adjusting the rack, installing ducts and more. Players can also access the saliva editor in free form to make changes based on a predefined design. There are many settings, but not for all cars, so it is very important to choose wisely! Can you play Need For Speed ​​offline? If you download the game Need for Speed, you need a stable internet connection, even a solo game. The main disadvantage of the game inside this line is that there is no pause button. If you stop the game halfway, chances are you will lose all the multiplayer events you play. Despite this, the game’s popularity connects you to many gaming communities, including Facebook, EA and Need for Speed, which have free roaming? Many Need for Speed ​​PC games have free roaming, including this Need for Speed ​​(video game 2015). You can also hike in any city with NFS games likeRivals, Payback, Underground, and is the latest Need for Speed? Released in November 2019, Need for Speed: Heat is the latest game in the series. The story of this game forces you to fight the evil cops, while striving to become an elite racer in the city! Is there another alternative to Need for Speed? If this is not something you want to enjoy downloading free NFS games, there are many options. You can see racing games like TrackMania, Asphalt 8 and Extreme Racers for some fun games that NFS is best for PC? While everyone is waiting for the free release of Need for Speed, it does not work like other NFS games like Rivals and Carbon. There are weaknesses in customization and racing variations, but still NFS (2015) is still one of the best NFS games for the computer.

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  • Need for Speed Bayem torrent


Car Racing Adventure update heffer download

Car Racing Adventure
Trusted torrent

Retro racing game Car Racing Adventure is a brutal game that mimics the speed of arcade on your desktop or laptop. Absologix Technology has developed games to offer a wide variety of cars with a simple gaming experience. This means that the game does not have a secondary game mode, so it still applies to the actual arcade;

How do you play CRA? Car Racing Adventure is a simple and fun game that meets a variety of highlights. Although the vehicle is designed according to the actual car, vehicle delivery is no different from other racing games, such as The Crew and Grid (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Throughout the game, honest experience focuses on continuing the specificity of competition around smart movements and protecting your car from damage. However, due to the very fast interactivity and much slower traffic than the players, the main vehicle may be damaged in the long run. Fortunately, the vehicle can be protected especially with rotating collection items scattered along the crossing. Car racing adventures have been refurbished for steering wheel input technology. PC customers can use their keyboard, while tablet customers have to tilt their device to see the path and touch the screen to control speed, brake and speed;

Is CRA good? You drive through an open park surrounded by beautiful scenery. Like other racing games, the goal is to complete the pitch in the shortest time. However, Car Racing Adventure adds a new moving component to the race, as you have to refrain from colliding with different vehicles. If you hit something, your health counter is dead; Running along the path, you collect coins that will restore your well-being. You will also find a number of things on the treadmill, such as neutralization catalysts that will help increase the speed of your car. Control in the game is very simple. In the work area, you control the car with bolts. In the tablet version, you control your race car by tilting and tapping the screen to brake or; It takes a long time to get used to the fact that you have never played a racing game on your tablet before. However, you should catch it quickly. Basic controls make smart games even for beginners. The car responds to the introduction of the steering wheel, and the beep is very acceptable, as the flexible Car Racing Adventure gameplay is a fairly simple game, especially when compared to other computer games in this genre. The pictures look like boxes. Some players think they look like they expected on a retro game console. There are only a few vehicles to see, and the shape of the crossing is a fairly simple game.

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  • Car Racing Adventure 32-Bit & 64-Bit Download


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas update download

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Trusted torrent

The open-world action adventure game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action game developed by Rockstar North. It is played from a third-person perspective in an open world environment. In this one-player story, you play Carl Johnson, also known as CJwho, a former gang member who previously lived in Los Santos, San Andreas. He returned to the city to investigate the murder of his mother. However, his plans are intercepted by corrupt police; how to play GTA San Andreas? You must equip CJ with nearby firearms, weapons and vehicles to protect him from members of rival gangs and the dangerous police. The Grand Theft Auto series begins with stories centered on the GTA mafia: San Andreas. The story centers on a former gangster who takes justice into his own hands; trying to move his gang to overthrow the man who shot his mother. It forces CJ to return to criminal life. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); These crimes are necessary to complete them if you want to establish the SP as a gang leader. Carrying out missions is also key to accessing companies, rural areas and surrounding cities. To follow the story, you need to unlock the game content, but you can complete it at your own pace. This means that there are no prerequisites for wandering around the game. If you take out the original story, you can delve into side missions. It can be as everyday as a taxi ride or as crazy as a bank robbery. Risky side missions can help you earn more money and skills, but they can also get the attention of the authorities. To escape captivity, you can leave the side mission and find refuge. In addition to the mystery, San Andreas also has elements of role-playing games. You can buy clothes, accessories, jewelry and even get it; who should be CJ of San Andreas? Over the years, many things have changed and Carl tries to regain the reputation and influence of his gang. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a classic montage of GTA movie scenes, various missions and many mini-games, prevalent in the world of free racing. What defines this game more than anything is the scale. It is very ambitious, located in a massive state with three capitals and many views of the countryside. Your chosen appearance will affect the other characters; the perception of newcomers, allies, and other characters who cannot be played will depend on the appearance of the CJs. It is also important to take care of the physical health of the SP. You need to give it time to eat and exercise. You can do this by taking it to a restaurant and walking around the city. You really act like a character and personify him and, after five years, you go back to his home in Los Santos. The campaign is huge. The story of the rags to riches may not be very original, but it is well told with excellent acting and many memorable and funny characters. There are points where the game will be frustrating for some. For example, country race cars can be quite slippery, and Carl’s lungs for swimming underwater are also simple; the flat and flexible game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combines useful challenges and creative improvisation. Follow the course of the game by moving from one mission to another. Tasks are getting harder and harder, but it’s worth it. The missions completedthey will help you earn weapons, skins and money. At the same time, you can see the action unfolding as an action movie. When hateful crimes start to disappear, you can get out of the main story by doing side missions.

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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free download torrent


FIFA 20 64bit torrent download

Trusted torrent

Football has returned to the virtual streets published by Electronic Arts, FIFA 20 is a football simulation and the 26th stage of the popular FIFA series. Currently, FIFA is returning the game to the small football world on the streets, and additional game improvements and better player conversions will make this step mandatory for all FIFA fans. Click Download to download a preview of the game.

Sweet Street Kicks A new feature called VOLTA Soccer is FIFA 20. Show VOLTA football marks the return of FIFA Street’s old school days. The goal of FIFA 20 is to have a personal and minimal experience while still enjoying the new services. With the VOLTA app, you can play 3v3 Rush (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal matches in and out around the world at a specially designed stadium. Whether it’s the metro in Amsterdam, London suburb of Tokyo, or on the roof, VOLTA bring you a new side of street football. It’s a huge change in speed compared to traditional 11v11 matches. Things are even more fun with the game’s new avatar conversion options and good equipment. No matter if you are a boy or a girl playing, your avatar can have a wide variety of clothes, hairstyles, tattoos and party moods at play. You can look better as you browse various VOLTA football options such as VOLTA Story Path, VOLTA League Match Online, build your VOLTA World Squad and watch your favorite teams play on VOLTA Kick-Off Street. The speed of FIFA 20 is yours when it comes to (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Best Game As FIFA 20 now focuses on the nearest matches, the game emphasizes skill and independent play rather than technical or team play. This new goal includes new changes for football mechanics. The game now has a football mindset where the ball has the best features: the ball has more time and space, its physics improve and more space for one. Players now need to control the goalkeeper for better protection. In addition to football players, they spread to the stadium in a more realistic way. Shooting, drifting and overtaking skills have been improved to be more realistic. New penalties and free kicks. Even FIFA 19’s outdated service has been updated, and the opportunity is fast enough to avoid the huge risk reward being misused. All in all, these improvements provide a great experience when you play the new VOLTA football product at FIFA Ball. FIFA 20 will move to smaller settings focusing on more realistic conversations and dynamic motion physics, resulting in more satisfying football matches than you can handle. play with anyone in the world. These improvements are small, but they are very large in the game being played. FIFA 20 appeals to every football fan who wants to try to move out of the big leagues every now and then.

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  • FIFA 20 update Torrent